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Bright minds. Working together. Continuing to Serve.

As a high-growth technology solution provider, Halfaker offers our employees an exciting environment to further their career. At Halfaker, you’ll be surrounded by bright minds working together to solve the government’s most difficult challenges through state-of-the-art, innovative technology solutions. We are unique, different, and special because we stand for making a positive difference in the world around us and our passion is Continuing to Serve.

Our Ideal Team Member
Selecting a team member to join our team is serious business. We not only look for the right technical skills, but all employees must be a strong cultural fit. Our values, which are created by our employees, exemplify what it means to be a member of the Halfaker Team and Continue to Serve:

  • Share ideas, demonstrate mutual respect and work to achieve success as a team
  • Pursue excellence in all you do and be accountable for your actions
  • Be humble, honest, ethical and authentic
  • Have fun and let your passion inspire others!
  • Continuously learn and pursue professional growth
  • Be agile, embrace change, and constantly innovate